PPC Missile is targeted, direct, and strategic.

We help our clients implement proven strategies to increase their revenue.

In the pay-per-click world of advertising and marketing, standing up a campaign that actually makes you money can be hard. That’s why PPC Missile not only helps our clients put forward profitable strategies that they can actually use, but we make sure you understand the insides and outs of all that you’re doing.

We support small businesses by educating your marketing person or team on how to stand up a truly robust PPC framework that can yield massive ROI. Moreover, we make sure that, once you have the tools you need, you can move forward and stand on your own two feet without us. PPC Missile might be a business, but our aim isn’t to hold anyone’s hand. We believe in empowering our clients to take ownership of all aspects of their business, including marketing. But we’re there to get you started, and for as long as you need us thereafter.

PPC Missile is a premium marketing initiative dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurial spirits in America thrive. We do this through advice, execution, and sharing to give your company the standing it needs to achieve greatness.

Executive Team

John Lui, johnlui.com
eBusiness Developer

John Lui is an internationally recognized eBusiness & eMarketing Consultant dedicated to creating exceptional strategic online campaigns that deliver great results. His knowledge and experience in the online world is unparalleled and he works closely with clients to ensure all their needs are fulfilled.

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