Facebook Ads Setup

Facebook is a marketplace of over 1 billion users, meaning there is fantastic potential to bring new audiences into your brand. However, with a large user base comes numerous competitors, leaving many ad campaigns providing competition.

We have a team with extensive experience behind Facebook advertising. Our knowledge of the rhythms and rhymes of each campaign allows us to cut through the noise. Maximizing your reach for minimal cost is the opus of the service. We make sure that your brand sits on top of the pile, increasing traffic, clicks, and conversions.

• We will refine target audience and attract ones that are interested in your products.
• We will setup campaigns that generate results.
• We will track and revise the campaigns based on the results.

Pls provide any of the following: JPG banners (1200×628, 628×628), videos
Integrate with Google Analytics and Data Studio for best results.

Please contact us before placing the order for tailored solutions.


Link: Facebook for Business
Expected Delivery: 7Days

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